Like nothing I have ever heard before!!... I LOVE IT, and I know mandolin nation out there will as well.”

— Emory Lester

Although Evan is best known for being a one-man mandolin band, he also loves to perform in ensembles.
Recently one of his favorite projects has been arranging Old-Time fiddle tunes in four-part harmony, borrowing a technique used by J. S. Bach in the Brandenburg Concertos.
According to Evan: “They’re fiddle tunes that think they’re Baroque concertos, being played by an orchestra that thinks it’s a jam session.”
For Beethoven County, Evan introduces Estudiantina de San Gabriel, his mandolin quintet.
For all you Counterpoint fans: The cello part is the melody, turned upside-down…
Mandolinists have been playing stylized Serenades based on popular songs for well over 100 years. My favorite source for solo Serenades is the music of the Beatles. Mandolin Mystery Tour contains three of their best-known songs: Something, Can't Buy Me Love, and Michelle. Many of their (relatively) less famous songs are favorites of mine; three of these are included as well: P.S. I Love You, Magical Mystery Tour, and All I've Got to Do.
Evan loves being a one-man mandolin band AND performing in ensembles. Some music, like the Classical Concerto, calls for both: A soloist has a conversation with an orchestra, interrupted by the Grand Cadenza, in which the soloist takes off on an unaccompanied excursion; he then returns to the conversation, and soloist and orchestra conclude together.

Evan has been writing Grand Cadenzas of late, further adventures in creating new solo repertory for the mandolin. Now to find an orchestra with which to record the rest of the Concerto…

In order to record these projects of an orchestral nature, Evan formed Estudiantina de San Gabriel, his in-studio mandolin quintet.
One of my favorite mandolinists in the world is Brian Oberlin, and it is my great honor to perform duo concerts with him several times a year. In 2015 we released Twin Mandolin Slingers, an eclectic program of duets ranging from Classical to Bluegrass to Western Swing. Sometimes the difference between styles gets blurred: We gave a Swing groove to a Johann Strauss, Jr. masterpiece, 'Glucklich Ist Wer Vergisst'; Brian gave it some new lyrics, and the result is Lucky Star.


Billy Tell & Vanilla Schubert (2005) was my first self-published CD. Billy Tell is a nickname for my solo signature, the Finale from Rossini's William Tell Overture, performed live here. Vanilla Schubert is an original Theme and Variations, inspired by Schubert's 'Trout' Quintet. This CD contains three additional compositions of mine: Joyful Variations on a Theme of Beethoven, Caprice No. 1, and Caprice No. 4.
Mr. Solo Mandolin was released in 2008. The CD's program is very similar in content to one of my solo concerts: Some high-energy showpieces, lyrical arrangements in Duo-Style, classic Neapolitan songs, and some Bach. Almost all my solo concerts include four of the pieces on this CD: Brahms's Hungarian Dance No. 6, Schubert's Ave Maria, my Caprice No. 3, and DiCapua's Maria, Mari!
A Mandolin for Christmas was released in 2008. Although all the songs may be familiar, all the arrangements for solo mandolin are original. I perform several of the arrangements all year-round. Away in a Manger is a particular favorite of mine, inspired by a magical moment in Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4.